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Open Plan Podcast

Join your hosts Emily and Maria at the intersection of architecture and friendship.

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Madame Architect

Madame Architect is an online magazine celebrating the extraordinary women that shape our world

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She Builds Podcast

A podcast about women in the design and construction industry through history and today

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Architecture is Political

A podcast where black and brown folks have a conversation about architecture

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The Doyenne Interviews

Doyenne /
The most respected or prominent woman in a particular field

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Practice Disrupted

Hosted by Evelyn Lee and Je'Nen Chastain

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Emma Talks Architecture

An architect who shares tips to make your living space more beautiful and comfortable

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Talking Home Renovations

With the House  Maven - Katharine White MacPhail

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Constructrr Podcast

CONSTRUCTRR  spotlight s companies and give a voice to the individuals that are uniquely influencing the construction industry.

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Design And Architecture

Host Frances Anderton looks at design and architecture from a Los Angeles perspective

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1:100 Architecture

Architecture podcast 🎙️7 graduates, women of colour and seekers of change in the realm of creativity.

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By Angela Mazzi.

Career + Lifestyle Mentoring for Architects looking to move beyond overwhelm and make a difference

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Shared Space

With Erin Peavey

Exploring how our human experience is shaped by the spaces we inhabit - using science and storytelling to reveal the power of architecture and design to make us healthier, happier and more connected.

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"I’ve never met a woman architect before..." podcast

The trials and tribulations of being a woman, a lover, a friend, a mother and last but not least, an architect...If you've never met a woman architect before... here SHE is!!! Join Michele Grace Hottel, owner of her namesake architecture and design firm, as she takes you on an exploration into the lives of today's Architects: their first recollections of experiencing architecture, their inspiration, their favorite buildings and what they would like to say about the future of the profession

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On Architectette, we share stories and experiences from a multitude of perspectives to encourage more professional women+ and minorities to be

  • licensed in AEC+D fields,

  • promoted to leadership positions,

  • connected in a strong community,

  • champion equality and change.


Nearly One Fourth

Podcast for women that are exploring or are in the field of architecture. I am Haley and I'm so excited to share my journey with you as I learn about the architecture profession and how to navigate it as a woman and an emerging professional. 

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Women in Sustainability: 

Design the Future

Hosted by Lindsay Bakerr and Kira GouldWriter 


Architect My Life Podcast

On Architect My Life podcast, the creator, Aya Shlachter encourages female creative entrepreneurs to share their journey and their success with their business.

We cover topics like business challenges, leadership, marketing, systems and of course, the state of the industry today. We’ll also let our guests share on the subjects they’re well-known for. No matter the topic, you’ll be hearing real stories from real people.



APMonarch is a Latinx Women Owned Architecture and Design firm with an expertise in sustainability consulting.


Studio Chats The Podcast

For designers by designers to share stories, tips, & tricks & lift each other up along the way

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XX|LA Architects Podcast

A show featuring Los Angeles’ leading women in architecture and issues relevant to the profession.

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Design Voice Podcast

Conversations with Womxn who shape the built environment

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Mottram Architecture

Host Emily Mottram

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Tangible Remnants

A podcast that explores the interconnectedness of architecture, historic preservation, sustainability, race & gender.

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Design Create Inspire

podcast discussing all things design and business. hosted by Bryn Young

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Blog Talk Radio

The Voice of Black Women in Construction

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The Black Urbanist

Hosted by Kristen Jeffers.

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Advice From An Architect

Architect Carmel Greer discusses the nitty-gritty of residential construction.

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Parlour:women, equity, architecture

A space to speak – bringing together research, informed opinion and resources; generating debate and discussion; expanding the spaces for women in Australian architecture.

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Join Talisha Sainvil each month as she and a guest address a specific topics affecting Emerging Professionals in the world of architecture. Topics include the path to licensure, burnout, mentorship, equity, inclusion and diversity in the profession, working through COVID-19 related furlough and so much more!

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Kathryn Larsen

Hey there! I'm Kathryn, an architectural technologist, originally from the US, but living and working in Denmark. I've noticed that architecture is often presented as this mysterious field, where geniuses create their vision with the stroke of a pen. Likewise, architecture and design educations are often competitive for access, and oftentimes not accessible for the average person. This is a channel that aims to break down these barriers, and explain concepts, history, and theory in ways that everyone can learn about, whether you're a history buff, looking to remodel your home, or a kid that wants to figure out if this is the field for you. I hope you'll enjoy your stay, and maybe feel a bit inspired along the way.

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